Why Do You Need to Wager On Cricket?

Cricket is one of the most widespread sports to bet on due to its excitement, fun, and availability! Betting on this niche is only growing due to the number of matches that can be wagered, the huge number of bet types, and incredible in-play gambling options. Let’s break down the top reasons why you should start investing your hard-earned money in this niche.

A Variety of Match Formats

Cricket is a unique sport in that the game is played in multiple different formats. For example, you have Twenty20 matches that last for around 3 hours, 50 over games that last for 6 or 7 hours, and test contests that are held for over 5 days! Each of these different types of contests has its own drama and unique gameplay With so many different formats you will never get bored of this great and exciting sport.

Variety Of Options

It is just the perfect sport to wager on as it offers so many gambling markets. You can gamble on the outcome of a competition but also make a range of exotic wagers. Here are some of the predictions you can make in this sport:

  • Match result – Just pick a team to win or the match to be drawn
  • Completed match – Gamble on the weather and predict if the match is going to be completed or it is going to be called off
  • Innings run – Predict the number of runs a team will get
  • Top scorer – Select the batsmen you think is going to score the most runs
  • Top bowler – Gamble on the bowler you believe is going to take the highest number of wickets
  • Dismissal – You can gamble on how you think a batsman will be dismissed such as caught, lbw, bowled, or run out
  • Odds or evens – If you enjoy coinflip you can gamble on whether a team’s score is going to be an odd or even number

How could you ever get bored of gambling on this sport with such abundance of wagering tactics? The great thing about the range of wagers on offer is that the game is always exciting. You can bet on every aspect of the game which will keep you glued to your screen and enjoying the action!

There Are Constantly Contests To Place Your Money On

Unlike other sports, there are always cricket matches to gamble on! This is because cricket is an international sport and teams are traveling around the world. For example, you can place your money on the English team when they host Australia in July and then place the money on them in January when they head down under for their southern hemisphere tour.
There are so many tournaments and competitions taking place from countries as far away as Nigeria to India to Europe that no matter the time or day you will be able to wager on cricket. The absolute must-watch sporting events for fans and gamblers include:

The World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is the pinnacle of the sport and is only held every 4 years. The event is hosted in a new country every year and teams from around the world battle it out in the 50 over match format. At this event, you get to see the very best cricketers represent their countries and display their skills. This is a must watch the event for gamblers because there are so many games to place the money on and it is easy to find amazing odds.

The Ashes

The Ashes is a huge deal in the niche and is played between England and Australia. The series is played every two years and both sides are so eager to win that you have a chance to watch some truly ferocious cricket. These two countries have been historic rivals and tend to bring out the best in each other, resulting in world class matches. The crowds are also fantastic with thousands cheering and singing for days on end. It is a test match series and each game is contested over 5 long days. Gamblers from all over the world have to set their allegiances aside and try to bet on the team they believe will win, not the one they hope will clinch the series.

Indian Premier League

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India is the biggest cricket market in the world and the Indian Premier League attracts world class players from all over the world and of course amazing Indian players. The average IPL salary is over $5 million and millions of people tune in to watch every single match. You are able to make all kinds of different bets on the Indian Premier League while enjoying the very best Twenty20 matches in the world. If you are into fast-paced sport with lots of sixes and fours then check out this market.

Extensive Live Wagering Markets

Cricket is by far the best sport to make live wagers on. As soon as a match begins you can access in-depth and extensive live wagering markets. You may bet on the outcome of the next ball and predict whether it will be hit for 6 or be a wicket delivery. You can also bet on the number of runs that a batsman will score or how many wickets a bowler will take. When making live wagers on this sport, your options are endless.

Not only can you dive into live matches but you can log into your account and watch the games for free live in HD! If you enjoy live action then cricket is the right sport for you!

Let’s Try Your Luck

With so many unique benefits the choice to bet on cricket is an easy one! If you value the ability to make live wagers, always have games to bet on, and make a range of different bets then find a sportsbook today and start placing your money on cricket now!